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    Here's to you. And to a loving, healthy and happy 2017. This also includes our wish for a loving and healthy clothing industry. Because this is what we do everyday: producing honest and sustainable fashion. Read here about us and our sustainable brand BANNOU. Cheers!


    Who are we? I Love Vintage. Started on Marketplace. Now a fashion paradise with two stores in the heart of Amsterdam and its own webshop. Since the start in 2006 we always have only one goal in mind: to find the perfect dress for you. A dress in which you feel comfortable and completely yourself. With our team of 12 unique women, led by our 'Boss Man' and guardian Babak, we do everything to make you feel good when you look in the mirror and never have to worry anymore. This you can experience with us in the dressing rooms in our stores, but also online. We ensure that you find the dress that accentuates your feminine shape perfectly. How? We always give personal advice. Also online.

    Our Bannou brand: super feminine, fair and sustainable

    In 2013, a dream came true when we transformed our vision and knowledge into creating our own line: BANNOU. A fair and sustainable Amsterdam fashion brand. Our inspiration? The classic styles and the most beautiful feminine fashion of the bygone era's. Our goal? Designing clothes according to a new, modern philosophy. Being transparent in our entire production chain. Working socially and environmentally friendly. BANNOU's production takes place in Romania, where the items are made by women between 25 and 65 years. The ladies, as seen in the video, are working under fair conditions that meet the EU labor rules. We also use different materials that we believe are the least harmful to nature and our planet, ranging from GOTS certified cotton to Tencil-blend fabrics. With the BANNOU Sustainability Pyramid we show exactly how sustainable your item really is. We strive to produce in a 100% sustainable way. And fairness and transparency are an important part in this process. 

    What? Old, second hand clothes are no longer part of our collection. The ILV collection currently consists of brand new clothes, shoes and accessories. Based on the beloved vintage styles of the bygone era's. Because we know these styles suit your body shape. The silhouettes of the 20s, 50s and 60s became fashion icons for a reason! We let these styles revive in modern colors and materials.

    For who? The ILV-woman draws inspiration from many styles and decades in the past and knows that 'trends' are as temporary as a woman's very own mood. So rather than choosing to follow the trend, she likes to choose what fits her body, personality and character the best, in whatever stage of life she might be. Wedding? She dresses up as a glamorous 50's diva. Work? She wears a high waisted trousers a la Marlene Dietrich or a classic pencil skirt. Evening walk in the park? She quickly changes into a quirky 70's dress and flip-flops. 

    Faranak Mirjalili I Love Vintage with Louise Ebel from Miss PandoraAbout the founders 

    I Love Vintage is a true family business, founded by Faranak Mirjalili and her brother Babak. As a little girl, Faranak used to draw women with tiny waists and big Edwardian petticoats, being a typical 'girly-girl'. During her studies in 2005, she fell in love with a pair of vintage pink high heels with a bow. The seller turned out to be a wholesaler. Faranak was allowed to buy the pumps, but only if she purchased the whole bag with 24 other pairs. So she bought the whole bag and sold the other 24 pairs on 'Markplaats'. This is how her 'Marktplaats' store started. A year later, brother Babak immediately jumped on board and took care of the e-side of the business. Together they launched the shop I Love Vintage. ILV grew extremely fast and after the first years online, Faranak and Babak moved to an actual office and hired their first team-members. In 2008, the beautiful boutique on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam opened, followed by a second store in the popular Haarlemmerstraat in 2015. Come by to meet us!
    Photo: Faranak Mirjalili and Louise Ebel in Paris after shooting BANNOU's first collection